22 Reasons Why Iceland Is The Best Place On Earth

If you want someplace you need to visit, you may want to set your sights on a faraway land that has plenty to offer. It may not be the easiest to get to for most people, but once you are there, you will see why people love it so much.

I’m talking about Iceland, and once you step foot in Iceland, you will be taken by the beauty. It seems as if beautiful things are everywhere around you but it isn’t only the visible beauty, it is a beautiful place for other reasons as well.

We are going to introduce you to 20 reasons why you would want to take a vacation in Iceland. Who knows, after reading this, you may just want to stay there!

1. “My sister rented an apartment in the north of Iceland for Christmas, and this is her view.”

2. Before 1987, every Thursday in Iceland, there were no TV broadcasts.

3. Footage from the Icelandic TV show Keeping up with the Kattarshians, where cats are filmed living in a tiny home

4. Black sand beach in Iceland

5. “In Iceland, you can hand-draw a map on your mail, without an address, and it will still make it to its destination.”

6. Blue Lagoon in Iceland is a geothermal hot spring that wasn’t open to tourists until the 1990s.

7. “There are places in Iceland where you can be standing on the North American and European tectonic plates at the same time. This rift was from an earthquake.”

8. There’s a cave shaped like Yoda in Iceland. Do you see it?

9. “Iceland does not want to deal with your stupidity — and I think that’s beautiful.”

10. “Traveling within Iceland because we couldn’t go elsewhere. Found these guys sheltering themselves from the wind…”

11. Glacier rivers in Iceland

12. A black church called the Heimaey Stave Church

13. The Kerið Crater in winter is unreal.

14. “A photo of a road and landscape I took”

15. The last McDonald’s cheeseburger sold in Iceland. McDonald’s no longer exists in this country.

16. “Stayed in an unusual hotel near The Golden Circle in Iceland”

17. “This crater lake in Iceland merges with a powerful glacial river. One of the most surreal sunrises I’ve ever experienced”

18. This very cozy street in Iceland

19. The view from some public restrooms in Iceland

20. “The puffins returned to eastern Iceland this week. I was lucky enough to see thousands of them in one spot.”

21. “This house my wife and I stayed at while in Iceland”

22. A sunset snowstorm in Iceland

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