He is 83 and she is 79 years old, and they are back on the ice. Olympic champions displayed incredible performance.

The functionality of Olympic winners Lyudmila Belousova and Oleg Protopopov was lately shown on the community. All people, devoid of exception, utilised to value their shows. He is now 83 several years previous, and she is 79, and ice effectiveness at that age is regarded not possible.

But this pair demonstrated in any other case. What a pretty, wonderful, and wonderful efficiency. This is superb. Unequalled, effortless glide, extended stride… just superb… Professionalism at its pinnacle. I wish I had this sort of legs at 80 several years previous

I really do not have any at the instant! Unconditional esteem. Lyudmila Evgenievna will be remembered endlessly. This is a complete epoch. They are one-of-a-sort. When I was about ten many years old, my father and I went to see them enjoy at the Luzhniki. I remember getting amazed by the hall.

50 decades have absent, and regardless of the truth that figure skating is these days and determine skating is like heaven and earth, I now enjoy them! Creativity understands no bounds! How many charming factors have this couple and their students done, who wow the audience with their dances!

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