Homeless man asks server for leftover scraps and is shown tremendous kindness instead

While walking down the street and seeing a homeless person, have you ever thought about what happened to that person for them to end up there?

Was it bad decisions?

Bad circumstances?

A mix of the two?

Regardless of how a person ended up in that situation, they are still a person.
Many homeless people get passed by without a second thought or are looked down on, very few people will actually try to help.

A lot of times, in order to eat, homeless people will look through dumpsters for discarded food that is still edible.

One man was having trouble finding anything that day and decided to just go right to the source.
He entered a restaurant located in Little Rock, Arkansas called El Sur Street Food Co. and asked the man working the counter if they had any food leftovers that they wouldn’t be able to sell.

The man was hungry and desperate but, luckily, he had come to the right place at the right time and met the right man.

The man working the counter didn’t offer to give the homeless man leftover scraps, but instead he bought him a full meal.
One of the other patrons of the restaurant, Ronda Chung, witnessed the interaction and was moved by what the worker had done.

The man behind the counter happily said that he would love to pay for the other mans food and started offering some recommendations.
And he wasn’t offering the cheap options on the menu like chips and salsa or pupusas, he offered one of the biggest items that was on the menu, the con todo baleada.

The homeless man was surprised but accepted the offer gratefully and when he was asked whether he wanted the food at a table or packaged to go, he said he wanted to bother the business as little as possible and that he’d take it to go.

The man behind the counter looked at his customer and ensured him that “I am not bothered by you being here.”
He led the man to a table and told him to take a seat while his food was being prepared, and then to sit and enjoy his meal.

The homeless man was shocked by the kindness of the stranger and profusely offered his thanks and gratitude towards the other man.

“This is the Arkansas I want.” said Ronda at the end of their post.
Though this was all posted through Ronda’s private account, it already has over 3,000 views and hundreds of comments of people saying similar things.

“So kind, we need more people like this.” said one person, “Such a caring person.” said another, “That man is amazing!” said a third.The saying that “Kindness is free to give, but priceless to receive” is proved true in this incredible story.

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