Jamie Lee Curtis: “a generation of beauty is being wiped out”

“Beauty commences the instant you decide to be on your own.” – Coco Chanel
You uncover the perfect spot to acquire a photograph, you pose, and then you begin picking the appropriate filter to increase the picture that you just took.

A few minutes afterwards, your article attracts viewers and likes. The additional likes, the superior, appropriate?

Now, social media and traits have altered how everybody perceives magnificence. The unfortunate fact is that if you never ‘fit’ in the requirements of natural beauty, most folks choose for cosmetic surgical treatment to ‘fix’ them selves.

But is this truly needed?
What transpired to purely natural magnificence? The appreciation of oneself and the assurance from what you have to give? This topic can spark many debates, but a single movie star has spoken her thoughts about these “unrealistic beauty” requirements that have corrupted millions of folks.

Jamie Lee Curtis is acknowledged for her timeless magnificence and how she has aged gracefully.
In her interview with Fast Business, the breathtaking 62-year-old actress shared her viewpoint about plastic surgery.

“The current craze of fillers and strategies, and this obsession with filtering, and the items that we do to adjust our appearance on Zoom are wiping out generations of beauty,” stated Curtis in her interview with Quickly Firm.

Can you believe that even youngsters want to go less than the knife just to in good shape in? From lip fillers, liposuction, breast enhancements to rhinoplasty, men and women are getting to be obsessed with plastic surgical procedure.

Curtis also said that 1 of the major factors is the affect of social media.

At a very young age, young children are now uncovered to these unrealistic elegance criteria. “It’s like giving a chainsaw to a toddler,” Curtis describes. For kids to see their picture and not be content about it, is genuinely unfortunate. What’s up coming? They would dream of improving their nose, their breasts, and then what’s future immediately after these surgical procedures?

If you start off comparing on your own with all these types that you see, you will hardly ever be delighted with yourself.

Jamie Lee Curtis understands this substantially for the reason that she skilled it herself. A lot of many years in the past, a cameraman commented that her eyes ended up so “puffy”. She felt humiliated and mindful, and this led her to have a plan medical procedures.

The surgical procedure designed her addicted to Vicodin for 10 many years. Now, she said she’s now much more than 20 several years sober.

This is the cause why she wishes the folks of this era to be better. She doesn’t want the new pattern of natural beauty and cosmetic surgical treatment to wipe out the authentic era of magnificence.

“Once you mess with your encounter, you simply cannot get it back again,” claimed Curtis.

Look at by yourself and see how stunning you are. Self-really like, self-acceptance starts with you, and you never will need to modify.

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