“Mini Miracle”: this baby from Japan was born prematurely. How is his life now?

Many women want to experience the happiness of a mother. This is a very exciting event, and the main thing is the well-being of the child and the mother. However, it may happen so, that the child comes to this world prematurely which brings about a lot of health problems.

This was the case with a newborn from Tokyo, who was born too prematurely – in the 24th week. In most of the cases this means that it is impossible to save the child. But the Japanese doctors did their best to avoid a negative ending.

The boy was born weighing 268g, just like a big onion. The baby could fit in one palm. Doctors were looking after the child attentively and noted any change. But, in fact, they didn’t have hopes for positive changes.

The parents celebrated every increase of their son’s weight as a real feast. Over time the boy caught up to his peers in terms of development.

The doctors and the parents were also afraid that, because of premature birth, the child would have problems with mental development too.

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