Nicole Kidman celebrated 17 years of marriage to Keith Urban, the father of her “miracle” children.

Nicole Kidman recently celebrated her 17th wedding anniversary with Keith Urban, reflecting on her journey to motherhood and the challenges she faced during her previous marriage to Tom Cruise.

Kidman and Cruise, a famous Hollywood couple, met while filming “Days of Thunder” and married in 1990. Kidman was deeply in love and was eager to have children. After experiencing two failed pregnancies, they adopted their daughter Bella in 1992, followed by the adoption of their son Connor in 1995.

However, their seemingly perfect marriage took a sudden turn when Cruise announced their divorce just two months after celebrating their 10th wedding anniversary. Kidman’s career faced potential ruin when her agents warned that being Mrs. Tom Cruise could harm her professional life.

Kidman went on to earn critical acclaim and an Academy Award for her roles in “Moulin Rouge” and “The Hours.” In 2005, she met Keith Urban, and the two married in 2006. Despite challenges, including Urban’s time in rehab, they’ve built a loving and supportive relationship.

Kidman and Urban defied the odds by welcoming their daughters, Sunday Rose and Faith Margaret, and recently celebrated their 17th anniversary. Kidman is grateful for her family and her journey to motherhood, finding happiness with Urban after her previous marriage.

This story highlights Kidman’s resilience, both personally and professionally, and her appreciation for the family she has built with Keith Urban.

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