Oprah Winfrey gave birth to a son when she was just 14 but never felt like it was hers

Oprah has been in a long-term relationship with Stedman Graham. Despite being engaged for 29 years, they’ve chosen not to marry. Both have expressed that marriage might complicate their relationship. Oprah once remarked, “He’s never demanding anything from me like, ‘Where’s my breakfast? Where’s my dinner?’ Never any of that, which I believed would have changed had we married.”

Oprah holds motherhood in high regard, acknowledging its demands and sacrifices. She once stated, “I don’t have the ability to compartmentalize the way I see other women do. It is why, throughout my years, I have had the highest regard for women who choose to be at home with their kids.”

At 14, Oprah became pregnant due to sexual abuse and gave birth to a son who died shortly after. She named him Canaan, symbolizing “new land, new life.” The trauma from these events, including being raped by family members, contributed to her resilience and strength.

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