Rick Hoyt, beloved Boston Marathon icon, dies after ‘complications with his respiratory system’

Beloved Boston Marathon legend Rick Hoyt, known for racing in a wheelchair pushed by his father, Dick Hoyt, has passed away at 61 due to respiratory complications. The Hoyt family announced his sad demise, noting their deep sorrow.

In 1977, Rick, who had cerebral palsy and was quadriplegic, expressed his desire to join a charity run. This marked the start of their incredible journey. Competing in 32 Boston Marathons and more than 1,100 endurance events, including six Ironman Triathlons and a 3,735-mile cross-country bike ride in 1992, their accomplishments were inspiring.

Dick retired in 2014, while Rick continued until 2021. His father’s passing and residing in a 24-hour care facility influenced his decision. Rick’s impact extended beyond racing; his mother, Judy Hoyt, advocated for inclusive education, and the Hoyt Foundation promoted normalcy for young people with disabilities through sports.

Rick Hoyt’s legacy as an icon in road racing and triathlons, inspiring countless individuals with disabilities to dream and achieve, will endure. Rest in peace, Rick Hoyt.

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