They already had 2 pairs of twins, but they decided to adopt two more

This is the incredible story of Carrie Kosinski, a 28-year-old woman who has always wanted a big family.
After many unsuccessful attempts, she and her husband Craig decided to go to the doctor to find out why she could not get pregnant. After a series of tests and many treatments, the doctors concluded that Carrie and her husband Craig would not be able to have children naturally.

The woman was devastated by this news, her plans to have a large family fell apart, and Carrie became depressed.
Two years later, the lives of the two spouses would change radically. A friend of Carrie became pregnant and asked Carrie if she wanted to adopt her child.

She did not stop to think and immediately accepted the proposal. They were very happy and could not wait for the much-desired child to be born. A few months later, Carrie and her husband learned that it was not a single child, but twins. Therefore, on February 28, 2014, Adalynn and Kenna, two healthy and beautiful twins, were born.
The Kosinski arranged the babies’ room and brought the twins home. Many sleepless nights followed, but also many joys for the young parents.

It’s been a year since the twins were born and Carrie’s same acquaintance contacted them and asked if they could adopt the other pair of twins they had, JJ and CeCe. Incredible, but true, the twins are dating on the same date as their siblings, on February 28, but in 2013.

Although they already had two pairs of twins that they adopted, Carrie underwent a fertilization treatment and after several attempts, she managed to get pregnant. He was very happy because he could finally have a biological child.
The surprise came when, after an ultrasound, Carrie found out that she was pregnant with twins. The Kosinski had to redecorate the house to be ready to expand the family with two more members.

And for the miracle to continue, Carrie gave birth to twins on the same date, February 28th.
Carrie said: “At home, there is no time to get bored. With so many children in the house, you don’t have time to get bored. From morning until evening, children play and have fun. It’s like having our own kindergarten in the house. ”

All pairs of twins were born by cesarean section, so all acquaintances asked Carrie if she planned for the births to be on the same date. The woman said she gave birth at 24 weeks, so nothing was planned. The only thing they planned was the adoption of the children, only they still face some financial problems and they did not manage to complete the adoption of the first pair of twins.
The adoption costs $ 18,000, and the young family relies solely on Craig’s accounting salary, which is his only income.

Despite the difficulties, the couple said they still want more children.

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